For men who want to boost their willpower in order in lose weight.

Do you feel lack of willpower is holding your weight loss back?

You’ve got a pretty good handle on what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

You start the week with the best intensions, knowing what you want to achieve, ‘how hard can it be?’.

But then the week happens…

It’s someone’s birthday in the office (again), ‘be rude not to join in’.

The ‘too good an offer to pass up’, bargain chocolate on the counter at the petrol station.

Maybe a tough day leads to a sneaky beer…maybe 2, and then out come the crisps!

If only you had more willpower – none of this would happen…right?

As a weight loss consultant for men, here’s my take on willpower…

It doesn’t exist! – Controversial! 😊

People talk about willpower as if it’s…

🥴 A ‘condition’ – an affliction.  But you try going to the doctor and telling them your ‘will’ is out of ‘power’!

🐣 Something in our genes – it’s not our fault, we were born this way – the whole family’s the same! This is often something we grow up hearing, a belief instilled in us from a young age. Genes can play a role in our build but it doesn’t have to define our weight and eating habits.

🍀People who have it are ‘lucky’! You either have it or you don’t. But do you believe in luck?  Isn’t it the case that we really make our own luck?

These are all great excuses we hide behind, that our subconscious thrives on, keeping us in our comfort zone.  But that’s exactly what they are – excuses; and all excuses aside – choosing not to eat something is simply down to a positive mindset and creating good habits…

And we are ALL capable of that!

In order to make a breakthrough with weight loss we need to tweak a few eating habits.
But to really succeed – we have to tweak our mindset, so that improved habits stick – and that’s not something following a ‘diet’ plan will help with.

3 Practical points to help you tweak that all important mindset

  1. Stop saying you have no ‘willpower’!


By telling yourself, actually you can say no, you begin to rewire the brain patterns, and trust me, the more you turn temptation down, the easier it gets!

I used to class myself as one of the unfortunate ones not to be blessed with the sacred ‘willpower’, but no sooner as I said ‘no thank you’ for a while – I began to hear – ‘oh you’re so good’, ‘haven’t you got a lot of willpower’, ‘how do you do it?’ – I’d become ‘one of ‘them’ ‘one of the lucky ones! I’d never dreamt that was possible.

  1. Make it easier for yourself initially. Change some physical habits.

For example – if you always buy chocolate from the garage, pay at the pump!  If you love biscuits with coffee – drink tea and move the biscuit barrel out of site!  Switch beer for non-alcoholic beer (double whammy – less calories and with no alcohol you can keep your resolve strong).

You get the picture – make life easier for yourself when you start to make the changes.

3. See willpower in a different way – WILLingness to change + your POWER to choose!

So much more effective – it’s your choice what you eat and don’t eat – only you decide what goes in your mouth.

Willing to turn it around?

It doesn’t have to be difficult!  For anyone who’d like some more help with this – I’m here!

Lets have a chat – book here for a virtual coffee. I’ll put the kettle on!





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