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Power Hour

Give me just an hour of your time – we’ll develop a personal plan of action to get your weight loss going.

Great for those that need a bit of a kick start, a little guidance and motivation,.

Reset, Resize 30 Day Programme £349

Within the 30 days you will reverse the upward trend on the scales, reduce the width of your waist, improve your energy levels and feel better in, and out, of your clothes!

One month to Reset and Resize!

3/6 Month Signature Programme from £897

3 or 6 months of me by your side – someone who cares about your weight loss as much as you do!

Focusing on embedding eating and lifestyle habits, and that all important mindset, to gain the long term results you deserve. 

How can I help you look good naked?

Or more to the point, how can I help you lose weight without losing everything you enjoy in life? 

How can I help you lose weight without putting you on ANOTHER diet? 

How can I help you lose weight and keep it off? 

The world of weight loss is mostly aimed at women, walking into a slimming group on your own can be very daunting and even if you get through the door, it can be easy to sit at the back and not get the personalised accountability and support you need. 

I used to run these groups, I saw the men at the back. 

Now I work with them exclusively, giving men like you the support you deserve.  

Take your first step right now. 

The problem with the weight loss industry is they make money keeping you on a diet. That isn’t my way. 

I want you to succeed as much as you do. I care about your health, your energy, your confidence. 

This is why I work 121 with clients. I want to get to know them so I can help them as the individuals they are. 

The scales we stand on might be standardised but the people standing on them are all so unique. 

The Look Good Naked Power Hour 

Book now – £99

I know you are busy. 

I know you have responsibilities and commitments that drain your time. It’s one of the reasons getting started on your weight loss journey is so hard. 

The great news is I don’t need a lot of your time to get you moving in the right direction. 

Just one hour. 

Your health is worth an hour, right? 

What happens on a Look Good Naked Power Hour? 

  • You make the booking and the payment; I then send you a zoom link. 
  • We meet at the agreed time on zoom (you don’t need to prep anything). 
  • We dive into the habits that are holding you back 
  • We discuss the mindset blocks that have stopped you succeeding so far 
  • We make a plan, allowing you to prioritise your next steps. 

You walk away with a clear plan of action. 

You walk away with clarity. 

You walk away ready and motivated to look good naked. 

Just £99. 

NB; At no point during this process will you be naked, strict rule – clothes remain on in all my sessions! 🙂

What’s next?

For some people the Power Hour is the personalised kick start they need to get moving. 

But as we all know, life throws us curve balls and can be unpredictable. 

Navigating real life is the real challenge for those who want to have healthy weight loss forever. 

This doesn’t have to be another failed diet (it isn’t even a diet at all!).

Book 3 or 6 months accountability with me and together we will take the learning from the Look Good Naked Power Hour to another level. 

3/6 Month Signature Programme

With weekly one to one sessions:

  • I help you understand nutrition and what makes a healthy diet for you personally.
  • We look at your whole lifestyle because your cravings and habits are more than just the calories you consume.
  • I am your expert companion. You take responsibility but you don’t do it alone.
  • We get you back on track when you slip up (possibly the most important part of the process).
  • I help you organise yourself so these slip ups happen less and you know what to do when they occur.
  • Together, step by step, you move towards a more balanced lifestyle and life that is sustainable and just as crucially, fun!

My aim is to help you lose 2-3 stone in the 3-6 month period. Obviously, these results are not a guarantee, you have to do the work, but trust me, I know how to get you these results without you exhausting yourself on a restrictive diet.

3 month package – £897.00 (0r £299.00 a month)

6 month package – £1,497.00 (or 249.50 a month)

By purchasing either of these two packages you get the Power Hour for free so we can start your journey with a bang. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes of course, I know this is a big decision. Happy to meet for a free virtual coffee. It won’t be a sales call but a chance for you to meet me and ask me any questions you have face to face. I don’t give specific advice on these calls, but you can pick my brain about my offers instead 🙂 Simply book here

Sure, these options will remain open to you if you want more support in the future. However when you book together you effectively get the Power Hour for free. 

Some of my clients want to keep working with me because success is so much fun.  They enjoy the additional support and accountability especially if holidays or special occasions are coming up and they want extra help to navigate them. Additional 3 month packages are available for £549 each.

Our sessions are weekly and for up to an hour.  Any issues in-between the sessions you can text or email me, I’ll respond as soon as I am able.  I always touch base at some point between session

No – I have lots of hints and tips for the non-cooks!

Well that would be helpful, but I always consider the partners/family needs too.  This won’t work long term if it doesn’t fit into your lifestyle.

After you have booked, there is a 48 hour cooling off period where you are able to change your mind.

Once we get going, if you’re not losing weight and you’ve attended all your sessions and have implemented all suggestions, then I would be happy to refund the sessions you haven’t had.

But just to say –  no one’s has cancelled in the cooling off period or asked for their money back!

No, you have to do the work. I can simply promise you that your weight loss matters to me, and I am by your side guiding you at every step. Typically, my clients lose between 2- 3 stone in three to six months – and keep it off.  

What do your other clients say?