About Jane

My weight loss journey started when I was just 15!

I first joined a slimming group in my mid-teens; that makes me quite sad and angry now. I continued to battle with my weight until my mid 30’s.

I watched fad diets come and go. I remember being particularly hungry on the grapefruit diet…and let’s not talk about the side effects of the cabbage diet!

But my weight just kept going up!

In my early 30’s, whilst working in a fast-paced corporate job in Defence, with lots of travel, events and stressful deadlines, my weight really escalated.

It wasn’t until I changed my attitude to weight loss and decided to come off the ‘diet’ merry-go-round, that I really gained control of my weight. The black cloud lifted, and I started living my life instead of feeling restricted at every turn.

Through my own challenges, I truly understand the problems and pitfalls of finding the right solution and keeping your weight loss on track.

As a consultant for the country’s leading Slimming Company, I helped many people achieve their weight loss dreams and goals. What struck me in this role was the lack of men who attended these groups. When they did show up, I could see they were often uncomfortable in a room full of women and would sit at the back or do the weigh in and then go.

I wanted to reach out to these men more, after all where else could they go? The whole weight loss industry was set up for women so if a man wanted to change his lifestyle and didn’t fancy a life of protein shakes and weightlifting, he had very few choices.

Fundamentally, I felt this was wrong.

So when I set up as a private Weight Loss and Nutrition Consultant, I decided to focus on helping men. I now do this through 1-2-1 programmes or in small groups.

I love my job!  I love helping men make positive changes that have a knock-on effect to every aspect of their life.  I get so much satisfaction from the fact that I am setting people up for a happier, healthier future.

I currently live in Cheltenham with my husband, son, and Lottie the dog!