What my Clients Say

J Oliver, Tewkesbury (one-to-one client)

I needed some help and guidance on how to make positive changes to my diet and lifestyle to get myself healthier and was recommended Jane by a friend. 6 months on and I am now about 4 stone lighter and still losing. If you have the determination to make changes it but need some help to reach your target then I would recommend you speak to Jane!
Her friendly and approachable style makes what could be quite a sensitive topic really manageable and I’ve had much more enjoyment out of getting healthier than I ever thought was possible! One of the best decisions I made this year.

Neil Maycock, Sheffield

What can I say about Jane. We started chatting last year as a result of a networking event. I was interested as she mentioned she worked with men and I was looking to lose around 2 stone for a holiday coming up this year. We did what is called a “diary delve”, where she looks at the food you like, what you don’t like and more importantly what you are willing to do. 9 months on I am down to 13 stone (only 5 lbs off target) and still able to eat and drink what I like (within reason) everyone comments on how well I look and also how the heck I achieved it!

Neil Jones, Gloucestershire

I just did the “Diary Delve” with Jane because I needed some help in identifying why I struggle to lose weight. Initially I was your archetypical man and was quite dismissive and wasn’t sure whether I needed help or not, what I did know was that I needed to lose weight! Being of scientific mind, I always try to find a reason for everything so thought the diary delve might help focus on something I was missing. The process was simple and just thinking things through in the initial diary stage started to help. Once Jane had analysed the results, the follow up meeting was really eye opening and provided real insight into what the issues were and how to correct those. It has made a real difference in my energy levels, motivation, mood and lastly but most importantly I have lost well over a stone and am still motivated to press on to get back to a good weight. Jane is easy to talk to and has really hit the nail on the head as regards to finding what motivates me and assisting me in hitting my goals. Her diet advice has also reawakened my love of cooking proper, healthy and nutritious food!! I would heartily recommend her to anyone struggling with weight loss.

Logan Blackburn, Shropshire

She is wonderful, really knowledgeable. After my time with Jane I found myself in a place where I could feel that something had shifted inside my head. Her kindness in approach while not backing away from hard truths was refreshing. She gave me small easily managed tweaks to gain maximum effect. My demons and excuses still come up but I feel like I can talk to them now instead of feeling powerless to change. If you are reading this then book a consultation, you won't regret it. Thank you Jane

Philip Blunt, Wiltshire

I met Jane at a networking meeting a few years ago, and thought she may be able to help/inform me as to how to lose some weight. Recently we met again and I decided to use Jane's services to help get me into healthier eating habits and losing weight. I kept a food diary for a week which Jane analysed, following which we had a detailed consultation about the good and not-so-good bits from my normal diet. Some of the advice was stuff we all know - cut down sugar, stop eating junk etc. but Jane gave me some great insights as to some of the hidden things that weren't doing me any favours. Following this, I haven't suddenly started a crash diet with the aim of losing a lot of weight quickly, but I have made some significant changes to my diet which are starting to shift some weight. Jane encouraged me to make some changes which have really helped. I'm not eating a huge amount less than I did before, but I am eating differently which has resulted in losing more than a stone in the first 3 weeks. These are the sort of sustainable changes which will help me lead a healthier and slimmer life. I found Jane easy to work with and enjoyed the process. I'm looking forward to the continued programme of Jane keeping me accountable!

Derek Hassak, Stroud

The Diary Delve was revealing, but it was the follow-up 1-2-1 session with Jane that really made the difference. She is hugely knowledgeable, perceptive, and refreshingly honest. The combination brought me to a new level of understanding and motivation regarding my eating habits, which subsequently I’ve been able to improve considerably. Jane is an excellent coach, and I recommend her unreservedly. Every man should have Jane in their lives! (Well, you know what I mean...😊)

Richard East, Cheltenham

Jane has a knowledgeable and patient approach. I’m having success and improving lifestyle because of Janes intelligent style and thoughtful way of making me accountable. I’m looking forward to working with Jane through to the completion of my goals and beyond and would highly recommend if you want to lose weight in a mature and permanent way.

Andy Brackenbury, Swindon

I don’t really know how to say thank you. For as long as I can remember, I have been an all or nothing person so managing my diet has been extremely difficult. The consequence is that my weight has fluctuated from too heavy to obese. I didn’t really realise how important it was to find a happy medium until you kindly spent time with me to explain. You demonstrated a deep understanding of my situation and because you listened with such empathy, I felt that you really cared. You dispelled many myths about food so I went into my new routine with confidence and knowledge. Your guidance was not about losing weight quickly, but gradually. Your recommended dishes were fantastic, and within ten days, I was eating 500 calories less each day but not feeling hungry. I even found a way to incorporate water into my diet so my skin looks and feels so much better. I have always enjoyed cooking, but your help has added to that experience as I am enjoying foods that I never felt comfortable to cook. Alcohol is not taboo. It is more in line with Government advice. And leaving 12 hours between eating is so easy to achieve. I actually aim for 14 hours so I do not eat after 8pm. Everything you have advised me to do has been easy to incorporate into my daily routine. I don’t have a photo of you on my fridge but I think of you every time I open the door, in a positive manner that is. Thank you Jane for helping me to make some slight adjustments, with enormous benefits

Michael Newham, Worcestershire

Thanks so much for the diary delve today. I have to say I think you were really perceptive, and I agree with everything you found. And I meant it when I said I have been inspired. Thank you.

Steve Greening, Gloucestershire

I decided to try Janes Diary Delve as I had no thought for what I was eating or structure to my diet. I was beginning to really notice I was struggling with low energy and was having regular stomach upsets and knew something had to change. I needed help and information on how to change eating habits and my relationship with food, but I was a little worried I might be preached to!! I needn’t have worried, working with Jane was great. She listened to my individual needs and circumstance, she helped me to clarify my eating habits and provided feedback on potential solutions to help me make decisions. Having made some simple changes, I now have much more structure and balance to my diet. I have lost ½ stone in 4 weeks and have seen an improvement with my stomach. I feel relieved I am making a positive change in my life.

Matt Cape, Gloucestershire

Nearly 2 Stone down! Jane has been there as my conscience and as a constant support and reminder of my ability to make the right choices without taking away my responsibility!

Mark T, Herefordshire

Before working with Jane I was deep in a trench with no appreciation of what was good or bad in terms of eating habits. I come from a large boned family and thought as I had put the weight on over a few years and had tried many times to shed it slowly without success. I reached out to Jane, thinking here we go all the nice food in the cupboard’s will have to be binned, it’s going to be a cardboard life for me, bland tiny portions and a mirada of excuses from me as normal, a few quid lighter but at least I tried. Jane asked me to fill in a food diary which I did and was completely honest, expecting a “Well Mr T a good job you contacted me”… That was so far from the truth, I actually got genuine feedback and small recommendations/tweaks based on sound experience along with encouragement that works well for me. We speak every week and to date I have lost 9kg, learned to cook again using fresh produce, feeling full of beans, it’s hibernation time and we are still just tweaking and losing…Awesome. What Jane does works…If you want to take back control…Reach out to Jane….

Elliott Richmond, Cheltenham

As a web developer being sat at my desk all day long my day to day is fairly sedentary, its later in life I’ve noticed the pounds slowly gaining so, diet should be important to me. Like everyone else I’m sure its not as healthy as it could be, although we may think it is, it probably isn’t. With any lifestyle consultancy the fear is facing up to the true facts and Jane’s subtle but powerful techniques are designed in such a way that you can be honest about your habits, I’ve kept a food diary before and I’ve used modern apps but nothing has been as much of an eye opener than Jane’s technique. What you learn about yourself after a consultation will not only make you see where you’re going wrong but also make you see how you can make small adjustments to a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle and weight gain can be a very personal battle and can sometimes feel like the world is working against you when it comes to family or work commitments. Convenience foods and other temptations can soon lead you to neglecting your own health, Jane’s friendly and non judgemental approach soon makes you realise that it’s important not to forget about yourself, Jane will show you how to make subtle changes to your diet that primarily make YOU the priority with the added benefit of helping others along the way too! Jane is very knowledgeable about nutrition and recognising those bad habits that you can change for the better, without making you feel you’re about to go on a diet. If you are thinking about changing your habits for a healthier lifestyle, my only recommendation is to not do it alone, let Jane help and support you all the way, she is brilliant!