Looking to Lose Weight Permanently?

You’re in the right place!

I’m Jane Mallett, a successful Weight Loss and Nutrition Consultant, working with busy professionals to simplify the process of achieving permanent weight loss.  I make tweaking eating and lifestyle habits enjoyable and workable within the parameters of your life.

The stats on weight in the UK aren’t pretty, with over 64% of the UK adult population either overweight or obese.  A recent survey found that 1 in 4 adults are ‘dieting most of the time’ – how miserable is that?

Diets don’t work long term – we can all follow a restrictive diet, far removed from our normal eating habits, and lose weight. But it’s only a matter of time for old habits to creep back in and for the weight to go back on – plus a bit more usually!

It’s frustrating, soul destroying, and a boring merry-go-round (I know, I’ve been on it!)

My approach is to find a way that fits into your lifestyle, that you enjoy and can therefore maintain; giving you the control and the confidence to keep the weight off.

One size does not fit all.  I put together a personalised weight loss plan of action, I’m then on hand to motivate, support, guide and keep you accountable whilst changes become habit – and the weight comes off!

Does a personalised weight loss plan of action sound like something that would work for you?

You’re worthy of a life without diets!